Metrology Laboratory

Unique Metrology Lab is well equipped as per ISO / IEC 17025 - 2005 to cater to the stringent requirements of the Quality Management System laid down by ISO 9001 and TS 16949: 2002 for calibration. We deliver comprehensive calibration services for a range of gauges and instruments in linear dimensional measurements. We assure total satisfaction through accurate and reliable calibration services, traceable to national and international standards. We have a team of highly skilled personnel having relevant expertise in undertaking calibration. Our Laboratory's sophisticated Environmental Control System continuously monitors and maintains strict environmental conditions, which include floor vibration isolation, Air particle filtrations, and the latest temperature control technology to maintain 20 +/- 0.5 deg c. Initially the objective was to cater calibration of mechanical Instruments and gauges to meet ISO 9001 requirement with minimum facilities. Subsequently business has expanded in multifolds. Accordingly additional calibration facilities were added to meet the increase in demand. Unique Metrology lab has the distinction of getting ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certification, in addition to NABL accreditation, for calibration. 6

Design features

  • Underground building with double wall and air gap on all sides
  • Expanded polystyrene insulation on all six sides
  • Vibration isolated
  • Air lock doors with air curtain for entry and exit
  • Separate pre-cleaning area
  • Separate store room
  • Separate soaking table
  • 15 Ton centrally air-conditioned plant
  • 25 KVA on-line UPS to provide clean power
  • Highly qualified, skilled and trained engineers

  • GE Druck

    GE Druck U.K. Portable Pneumatic Pressure Gauge Calibrator for calibration of Pressure Gauges upto 700 bar, Pressure Switch, Pressure Sensor & Transduers, Vacuum Gauge etc.

    Accuracy : + or -0.025% F.S.
    Range : 2.5 mbar to 700 bar

    GE Druck

    GE Druck Helios ULM GE Druck U.K. TRX II Portable Documenting Calibrator for calibration of Temperature Indicators & Controllers RTD & Thermocouples, OHM Meters etc.
    Accuracy : + or -0.001%

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