Over the last 30 years, UIMPL has been supplying world renowned, high precision measuring instruments & gauges to Indian industries. Some of the names UIMPL is associated with include the PAV AG (Switzerland) and many more reputed brands.


PAV Vario Vernier Caliper

- A versatile instrument for various applications

Vario-Vernier Img

PAV Fino Vernier Caliper

- Can measure small bores, narrow grooves, gaps in gear toothing etc. with the rounded depth gauge it is possible to measure depths of bores above 1.6mm dia

PAV-Verio-Depth Gauge

Vario Measuring Bridge for all PAV Pocket Caliper Gauges

The ideal accessory for every PAV Pocket Caliper Gauge. The measuring bridge enables measurement of depth to be carried out, also in the case of large bores. The horizontal movability of the measuring bridge enables the depth gauge to be used in inaccessible places.

PAV Disk Micrometer

Measuring range 100 or 200 mm, 0.02 mm thimble graduations. Precision external micrometer for measuring gear teeth, with graded extension rods. The different measuring ranges are reached by changing the graded extension rods. Application range: all models from module 1.


PAV Vario Depth Gauge Measuring Range

- A versatile instrument for various applications Resolution: 0.01 mm Repeatability: 0.01 mm

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