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While technology evolves one thing remains constant - the need to ensure excellence in performance when it matters the most. Success depends on the ideal mix of talent & technology and as technology becomes more complex, assuring readiness gets tougher. UIMPL is a source of assurance that excellence will prevail. With three decades of experience, UIMPL brings the benefits of integrated cutting-edge technologies and expertise in the area of engineering to strategically develop and produce mission critical components in aerospace and defence industries, automobile components, sub-assemblies and operates as a quality supplier of reliable products with a high degree of functional superiority. If your product demands high quality and performance with zero on UIMPL for solution.

Unique Instruments at a glance

  • UIMPL started in 1985 at Mumbai to market high precision instruments, imported from reputed world manufactures.
  • UIMPL established a metrology laboratory in 1997 at Bangalore to serve clients across all sectors. this is the largest establishment in india serving over 4000 customers.
  • UIMPL customers include small and large industries in the area of aerospace, defence, telecom, automotive, heavy engineering, medical, power and other verticals.
  • UIMPL has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility including latest CAD/CAM systems, CNC machines, 3D CMM and other high tech Metrology equipment to deliver high precision products across the globe.
  • UIMPL Systems and services are approved by Government agencies and other small & medium industries, large corporates and MNCs.
  • UIMPL is certified with NABL accreditation as per IS/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 & AS 9100C.
  • UIMPL has expertise in export of machined components.
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