Advanced ReEngineering services for faster product development

To innovate constantly in today's competitive market, you must generate new ideas and implement them quickly in your product. It is difficult to assess different parts of any equipment using traditional geometric measurement techniques. Unique advanced ReEngineering services help you get detailed 3D model data from physical parts of any product or equipment, so that you can utilize these to improvise design while keeping manufacturability and the development process in mind.

Unique's ReEngineering services

The accuracy of ReEngineering depends on the process followed for different parts of the product. Unique's team has a cumulative experience of over 8 years in building engineering drawings through 3D model data and digitization which is a clear distinction over other ReEngineering services.

Our ReEngineering services include:

  • Detailed dimensional/geometric analysis
  • Surface analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Designing for manufacture (DFM) analysis
  • 3D data and drawings

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